Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Vote Bridges Pottery & Martha Stewart American Made

Those of you who have voted a BIG THANKS. 
As of tonight ----------

Trying to keep reminding people (without being a total pest) that they can vote six times - every 24 hrs.

I have spent some time browsing through the other nominees and it is very interesting to see the diversity of people trying to make a living from actually making things. There are many nominees that are well established businesses that have small staffs and big production facilities. I pale in comparison. I never knew there were so many soap makers? Are we really that dirty? And cards? When's the last time you sent a card- maybe there will be a resurgence. 

The overall quality of the Martha Stewart American Made Nominees is very high, but it's hard to tell (outside of my orn ceramic group) just how good they really are. Take a browse - it's work the tour, but come back to my page and vote again( just when you thought it was safe)

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