Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Transitions - As the Wheel Turns

Like many studio potters in addition to making my own work I teach ceramics. Teaching not only provides regular, extra income but it is a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction as an artist. I love working with my students, showing them new techniques, helping them acheive their goals in clay and watching them evolve and grow as artists. As I get to know them,  they become extended family over the years.

The studio I have been teaching at has abruptly closed, albeit expected on many levels. It is going to be reopened by new management and rennovated as the facility was in need of work. The new owners are a local couple that are a perfect fit. He is a business man, well versed in taking over small business, and she a wonderful artist in multiple mediums. She began at this studio several years ago as my student and then headed up teaching kids classes and grew and evolved to teach adult classes as well.

As a result of the business closing, the studio will  be closed for about 2 months. It has been an exhausting two weeks of moving stuff from the studio, shuffling kilns and repeated explanations to confused and upset students. 

Cleaning off my desk an area in the studio, I realized how much crap I has accumulated. Good opportunity to dump some stuff and reconfigure some of my own studio shelves. A trip to Ikea for another set of shelves for drying.
Manditory Bag of Sweedish Meatballs

Newer shelves now made of lighter/thinner boards

Extra shelf in office for inventory

My students that will need rehab and therapy for going cold turkey. Clay is their Yoga. I will take a few in, working on specific areas and perhaps a workshop or two until we regroup back at the new studio. 

"As the Wheel Turns" will start another season in the fall.

Voting for me for the Martha Steward American Made Contest ends Sept 12th so keep voting. 6x a day 

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