Sunday, January 19, 2014

Classes in Full Swing

My classes have started in full swing. Week 3 coming up. I have 3 Classes - 

  • Beginner /Int. wheel.
  • Handbuilding
  • Advanced Wheel

This year classes are more structured and sessions run 8 weeks. I have some great projects for them, and I am very excited. I gave my students a handout this year that covers everything from basic studio etiquette to when and how I can be reached. It serves as a reminder for the oldies and a good foundation for the newbies. 

Happy to share it if you would like it - just email me. Last week we covered basic shapes in one class, Neriage in another and lids in the last. What fun! 

We made lots of miniatures off the hump -  I asked students to make mini's that reflect what they like to do bigger and we will use them to test out some glazes. 

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