Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy 2014

2013 was a BUSY year. I had a break from the studio between Christmas and New Years but it was rather saddened by my Dad dying. He was just shy of 97 and was strong and sharp until the very end. I posted a small tribute to him on the front page of my website He was a big influence on me for ceramics and the meaning of being a dedicated craftsman.

The death of someone close makes us think about ourselves, our mortality, what we are doing, a re-evaluation of life in some form. 

Snowy NH in the woods

Classes began this week and I am so excited to see some new students eager to learn. Today we threw a lot of miniatures off the hump to use for glaze tests.
My last orders from 2013 are heading out. Like myself - many people are last minute shoppers and they soon found out that made-to-order means 3-4 weeks. So ordering on Dec 21 means January delivery. 


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  1. My thoughts are with you on the passing of your Dad, Patricia. I have experienced this too, and it is definitely a sad time. Continued fun with your new students and the new year. Trish