Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March feels like January

Started out the morning finishing off a few decorative tea caddies. I enjoy making these but they do take some preparation.  My decorative slabs need to be sort of leather hard.  When I assemble them, it's like putting together a box made of chocolate bars- just not as delicious. So these slabs were made last week and have been sitting around wrapped in plastic until I had time to tend to them. At 9:30 the power went out so that put a damper on my productivity. Tree trimmers across the street dislodged the power lines with their cherry picker and Zzzzzp. 

Started the Spring (HAHAHHA) session of classes at the studio where I teach today. Came back to the house at 1:30 and the power was back. Finished up the afternoon with an dozen bowls to become berry bowls, recycled a ton of clay from old trimmings, loaded the laundry and walked the dog. Thinking about spring and summer is hard to do when it's 17 degrees outside and chilly chilly in the studio. Not even my studio companion - 9 year old Australian Shepherd wanted to sleep on the floor. He headed to high ground and found a warmer more comfortable spot to nap.

These bowls will have cut out handles and be filled with holes. Tomorrow I will make some catch plates to go with. 

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